NatWest Markets N.V.

NatWest Markets N.V. is registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

NatWest Markets N.V.’s branches are located in the UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt), France (Paris), Sweden (Stockholm), Spain (Madrid), Italy (Milan) and Ireland (Dublin).

In November 2019, NatWest Markets N.V. became a subsidiary of NatWest Markets Plc. Prior to this it was an indirect subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc.

NatWest Markets N.V.’s Supervisory Board, Managing Board and their Committees are shown below. The Managing Board and Risk & Audit Committee report to NatWest Markets N.V.’s Supervisory Board which in turn reports to the NatWest Markets Plc Board of Directors.

Supervisory Board 
The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising the Managing Board and the overall business within NatWest Markets N.V.

The NatWest Markets N.V. Supervisory Board delegates authority to the NatWest Markets N.V. Managing Board and to the Risk & Audit Committee.


Risk & Audit Committee 
The Risk & Audit Committee is a Board Committee which supervises the risk and audit policies and framework within NatWest Markets N.V. to ensure these remains within the approved risk appetite.


Managing Board
The Managing Board collectively manages the business of the company and is responsible for its performance. The Chairman of the Managing Board leads the management of the company to achieve its performance goals and ambitions, and is the main point of liaison with the Supervisory Board.

The Managing Board has three sub-committees, to which it delegates authority: the Risk & Control Committee, the Asset & Liability Management Committee (ALCO) and the Disclosure Committee. These are Executive level committees.


Risk & Control Committee
The Risk & Control Committee oversees the risk framework within NatWest Markets N.V., monitors its actual risk profile and advises the Managing Board in relation to credit, market, operational and regulatory risk within NatWest Markets N.V.


Asset & Liability Management Committee (ALCo)
The Managing Board has delegated to the ALCo responsibility for management of capital, liquidity, interest rate risk and foreign exchange risk. This includes, among other tasks, responsibility for reviewing, approving and allocating balance sheet, capital, liquidity and funding limits.


Disclosure Committee
The Disclosure Committee advises and assists the Managing Board in fulfilling its responsibilities for overseeing the accuracy and timing of public disclosures made by the NatWest Markets N.V. This includes reviewing and advising on the adequacy of the design and establishment of controls and procedures.

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NatWest Markets N.V. is one of the principal and material regulated subsidiaries of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc. In November 2019, NatWest Markets N.V. became a principal and material regulated subsidiary of NatWest Markets Plc. Since then, NatWest Markets N.V. forms part of the NatWest Markets Group, and Non Ring Fenced Bank, which consists of NatWest Markets Plc and its c.180 subsidiaries which collectively operate as a global business with shared NatWest Markets customers, functions and resources across a number of global regions including Europe, US, Asia Pacific (APAC) and India.

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