CoronavirusGDP Monitor: Coronavirus impact

Are we heading for a recession? Our economists have revised their forecasts down

UK Budget2 minutes on...UK Budget - March

Hey Big Spender: What’s in store for the March UK Budget announcement and how will that affect interest rates and borrowers?

US Election WatchUS Election Watch: Super Tuesday

The results are in. Hear what we think Super Tuesday results mean for future of the US election.

Regional focus: ChinaPeiqian Liu - Year ahead

What’s the economic outlook for China as they look to double their GDP and complete their five year plan and structural reforms?

Regional focus: EURoss Walker - the year ahead

Policy activism and the future trade deal with the EU are the two overarching macroeconomic themes in the UK

Coronavirus2 minutes on: Policy response to the coronavirus

What’s the outlook for global growth and policy response following the wider outbreak of the novel coronavirus? Co-Heads of Global Economics Ross Walker and Michelle Girard give the latest on the economic outlook, fiscal policy and interest rates.

CoronavirusAssessing the economic impact of recent developments in the coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to spread outside of mainland China, the global economic picture remains uncertain. Our Economics team assess how the recent developments, especially the wider spread to Europe, are affecting and threatening the health of the global economy.

Regional focus: EuropeInflation expectations in the US versus Europe

Market implied inflation expectations in the US are set to fall, while in Europe we think they’ll rise. Here’s why.

US Election WatchUS Election Watch: All eyes on Super Tuesday

With no clear view on a democratic front-runner, all eyes are on Super Tuesday. Here’s what we think in the midst of the US Democratic primaries.

US Election WatchUS Election Watch: 2020 Iowa Caucus results

What does the uncertainty from this week’s Iowa Caucus suggest for the US 2020 election and financial markets?

Regional focus: UKWhat’s on the horizon for the Bank of England?

Ross Walker, UK Chief Economist, outlines what’s on the horizon in his UK outlook

US Election WatchUS Election Watch: Iowa Caucus

Check out our first podcast in the brand new US Election Watch series – your go-to source for insights on the US political landscape and its impact on financial markets into the 2020 election.