What we do

At NatWest Markets our risk management, trading solutions and debt financing are designed to help address the challenges you’re facing. With a focus on anticipating your needs and providing excellent customer service and execution, we measure our success by the trust we build.

Rates, currencies and certain financing products are provided by NatWest Markets Plc and its subsidiaries.
For more information please go to natwest.com/markets/ring-fencing.


Meeting your interest rates needs. We offer the full range of interest rate products: from swaps, government bonds and options to repos and inflation-linked products.

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You can access cash/spot FX, forwards and FX options in more than 60 currency pairs 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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Our Financing business spans the full breadth of the debt capital markets. Seamlessly integrated to deliver you highly tailored, product agnostic financing strategies and provide execution and distribution capabilities to a vast global investor base.

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We also provide our clients these other products and services:

Colour, Content & Ideas

Read the freshest thinking from our strategists and other experts, on our Agile Markets platform.

You can access the latest strategy views across FX, rates, credit and economics alongside commentary and trade ideas from our global sales team.

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Digital NWM

Smart applications covering FX, rates, risk management, international payments and many more services. You can access information on our Agile Markets platform, the Algo suite, CurrencyPay, FXmicropay and MicroRates.

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Other services

Access information on our Futures & Agency Clearing, FX Prime Brokerage and Indices services.

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