Offering you multi-currency pricing. FXmicropay, our powerful FX and payments service, helps with your business expansion by removing FX risk, generating additional revenue and offering tools to localise your business around the globe.

Guaranteed exchange rates remove currency risk

FXmicropay converts foreign currencies received from cross-border transactions back into your chosen currency. Transparent, guaranteed FX rates are valid irrespective of transaction size, and refunds, cancellations and chargebacks are also supported at the original transaction FX rate.

What’s more, you can protect your profits from currency fluctuations using guaranteed FX rates, which can be fixed for as long as you need them.

Access competitive rates

FXmicropay’s technology allows you to take control of your FX and to benefit from rates based on wholesale FX rates.

Multi-currency pricing helps to localise business around the globe

Available 24/7, FXmicropay delivers pricing in over 90 currencies and has a built-in vanity pricing logic, which offers rounded local currency prices. It also comes with a powerful reporting suite that helps you to better manage your business.

Easy to implement and there’s help at hand

FXmicropay can be implemented in many different ways to suit your business. Our powerful APIs can be integrated directly or, for e-commerce platform users, our purpose-built plug-ins are available on the respective app stores.

Our experienced project team will guide you and your team through every step of set up, tailoring it to your business model and needs. The process is easy and can usually be completed within four weeks.

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Interested in finding out just how much FXmicropay could save your business each year on exchange rates and fees?

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If you have a site built on SAP Commerce Cloud then we have a plugin available, please visit our dedicated site to find out more.